5G in 5: Top Tech This Week – August 23

Here’s this week’s rundown of our favorite pieces of 5G news and stories about emerging and innovative technologies. To follow the series, check back here every week and look out for #5Gin5 posts from @Facesof5G.

Seeing Through Smoke – “5G could mean the difference between night and day for firefighters,” according to a new piece from CNET. A rundown of first responder tech starts with C-Thru, which is an augmented reality helmet from Qwake that helps firefighters see through smoke and more easily locate people inside burning buildings. Read more here.

Just Off the Starting Block – Building on the 5G race metaphor, PwC says we’re “just off the starting block” with 5G. In a new video that keeps popping up in our feed this week, Marques Brownlee explains what 5G is like today and why he’s excited for the future with 5G. Read/watch more here and here.

Huge Potential Ahead – In a post for The Economic Times, Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director at Dell India, looks at 5G through the lenses of connected everything, manufacturing, smart cities, as well as edge, AI and ML. He says the bottom line is: “This is the time for enterprises across industries to evolve and take massive steps forward in their digital transformation journey. Only then will they be equipped to capitalise on the business opportunities that 5G will create.” Read more here.

By the Numbers – New forecasts about 5G are out and the numbers are big. Gartner predicts that revenues for global 5G network infrastructure will be $4.2 billion by 2020. That’s up 89 percent from its 2019 projection of $2.2 billion. Meanwhile, Chetan Sharma Consulting estimates 5G will help propel the value of the edge internet economy to $4.1+ trillion by 2030. Read more here and here.

New Products – Beyond where 5G networks are arriving next, the big question on many minds are what devices are coming next? A patent application from Apple is getting excitement as plans for a 5G watch are underway. Read more here.

5G in 5: Top Tech This Week – August 15

Here’s this week’s rundown of our favorite pieces of 5G news and stories about emerging and innovative technologies. To follow the series, check back here every week and look out for #5Gin5 posts from @Facesof5G.

Fast Forward to 2025 – Digital Trends asked futurists and tech entrepreneurs to predict how 5G will transform our lives and the world around us by 2025. From automotive to healthcare, and cities to homes, their answers covered a lot of ground, but they all agreed: 5G will be a catalyst for dramatic change. Read more here.

5G Firsthand – Samantha Murphy Kelly, a CNN Business Correspondent, put early 5G deployments to the test. While in Chicago, IL she experienced firsthand what 1 gigabit per second speed is like. Recognizing there’s more work to be done before 5G really delivers on its promises, she says, “eventually, we will look back on this time trying to remember what life was like without it.” Read more here.

Education Innovators – Featured as a promising Boston startup and EdTech Breakthrough’s 2019 Next-Gen School Solution Provider of the Year Award, Ambi, an online education platform, is changing the way students engage in the classroom. Read more here and here.

AI for the Networks Too – Much like 5G, the use case potential for AI is huge. 5G networks will even be beneficiaries of this emerging technology. Recent research suggests “53 percent of carriers expect to be using AI in their networks by the end of the year.” With that, Intel and Lenovo announced a multiyear, global collaboration to accelerate the convergence of AI and high-performance computing. Read more here.

Anxious to Get 5G – Is 5G in your area or coming to it soon? Are you eager to be an early adaptor? Here’s a download on 5G friendly phones, hotspots, and other devices. Read more here.

5G in 5: Top Tech This Week – July 31

Here’s this week’s rundown of our favorite pieces of 5G news and stories about emerging and innovative technologies. To follow the series, check back here every week and look out for #5Gin5 posts from @Facesof5G.

5G Firing Up – 5G is rolling out, but many are wondering when we’ll see the full strength of the new networks’ potential. Verizon was first to launch, and now others are coming online. Though 5G’s availability is currently limited, it is expected to be worldwide by 2020. Read more here.

Buzzing Into the Billions – There are new numbers in on just how many people will be signing up for 5G. According to a new IHS report, subscribers are expected to reach 1.1 billion by 2023 in the Asia-Pacific and North America regions. That is triple the number of customers who signed up for 4G in the first 5 years after it launched. By 2023 North America will have 294 million 5G subscriptions alone. Read more here.

5G’s Bill of Health  – Nearly 20 years ago, a graph was released linking health risks to wireless technology. The chart has been used to bolster arguments over the potential health risks of 5G. But the graph was wrong. Read more here.

Taking Tech to New Highs – This great piece was just sent to us and we couldn’t resist sharing. Alon Grinshpoon, founder and CEO of EchoAR, was featured discussing the extreme effect 5G will have on augmented reality. “When 5G rolls out, that means we’ll be able to provide them with ways to stream more data faster and efficiently and engage more users at the same time.” Watch here.

Pokemon Go Faster – Do you remember the days of playing snake on your phone? Since then mobile gaming has come leaps and bounds, and the promise of 5G is only set to propel it even further. 5G has the potential to power fully end-to-end networks that deliver speeds to power next gen gaming. Read more here.

5G in 5: Top Tech This Week – July 23

Here’s this week’s rundown of our favorite pieces of 5G news and stories about emerging and innovative technologies. To follow the series, check back here every week and look out for #5Gin5 posts from @Facesof5G.

Future of Farming – Meet Mike Ritter. He’s the CEO of SlantRange, a San Diego, CA-based company that’s enabling more efficient, automated farming. He’s also the latest Face of 5G. He says, “Wireless connectivity is a critical enabling piece of everything we do… The ability to either communicate or move data from the field to where a decision needs to be made is going to be hugely enabled by higher speed connectivity, particularly 5G.” Read more here.

Next-Generation Healthcare Delivery – Together, 5G networks and telehealth programs have the potential to transform healthcare. Cisco’s Ron Malenfant says, “By leveraging 5G mobile edge compute, hospitals and doctors can have on-hand access to patient’s high-quality imaging for review without the wait. By extending health care providers’ reach beyond hospitals, telemedicine will improve access to quality care, helping patients get treated sooner and reaching specialists otherwise not available.” While demand for telehealth services is on the rise, it is being driven by rural areas. Recognizing challenges associated with rural deployment, Cisco is leading an ambitious 29-partner consortium called “5G RuralFirst” to show the potential for 5G in these communities. Read more here.

Working Smarter– Inside factories it’s important to keep the production line moving, but when machines break down, that throws a wrench into operations. Now at one 5G manufacturing facility that’s hopefully a thing of the past. Engineers are getting help predicting and pre-empting break downs by a network of sensors that provide real-time data on every part of the production line. But this isn’t the only company that could see gains from 5G technology, according to Qualcomm by 2035 5G could boost industries like retail, healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment and more. Read more here.

Putting the G in the NutmeG State – The Governor of Connecticut signed a bill to accelerate the deployment of 5G in his state. “Access to ultra-fast internet speeds is critical to our economic future. I want Connecticut to be ahead of the curve, and to do that we are moving quickly on deploying 5G access across our state,” Gov. Ned Lamont said. Read more here.

Rolling Out the 5G Welcome Mat – 5G is here, but when will you see it?  Rolling out nationwide networks takes time. Beyond the news from Connecticut, a new piece from CNET lays out where we are and what’s ahead. According to CNET, “There’s good news ahead… 5G is expanding to new locations quickly, and carriers are gearing up to turn on their wider networks.” Read more here.

5G in 5: Top Tech This Week – July 2

Here’s this week’s rundown of our favorite pieces of 5G news and stories about emerging and innovative technologies. To follow the series, check back here every week and look out for #5Gin5 posts from @Facesof5G.

Going A to B with (5)G Imagine if your car could see around the corner and alert you to potential hazards? We could see features like that and more as 5G transforms the driving experience as we know it. A new article from Tech Radar talks about what’s to come from the connected and autonomous car vehicle (CAV) market and highlights innovative developments from companies like Nissan and Ford. As it relates to 5G, keep in mind: “The low latency of 5G means that the responsiveness will be much more instantaneous, which autonomous cars will need to have in order to interpret sudden changes in road conditions and also where hazards occur.” Read more here.

United We Should Stand for 5G – “The truth is that 5G is going to be a pretty big deal, and the government needs to make sure that it’s one of the first organizations to come onboard,” according to a recent piece on Next Gov. From improved cloud-based citizen services, to public safety, to cybersecurity, to speed, responsiveness, and capacity, 5G stands to benefit all levels of government. Read more here.

Every Minute Counts – For paramedics and first responders, every minute counts. With the power of 5G, a new device could help them better evaluate patients on the scene or in an ambulance. The “robo-glove” can carry out remote-controlled ultrasound scans, providing real-time results to clinicians at the hospital who will then be better prepared to act when the patient arrives. “The superfast speeds of 5G ensure sharper and more reliable imagery for the clinician than could previously be achieved,” University Hospitals Birmingham. Read more here.

Gearing Up for 5G – Ericsson plans to help make sure the race to 5G goes off without a hitch. The company announced plans to open a factory in the U.S. to build 5G radios. You may be thinking “what, radios?” but here, radios are the component in devices (such as smart phones) that enable signal transmission and reception.. The company said it also plans to use 5G technology in its factory to help enhance automation on the assembly line. Read more here.

In My Own Words – I wrote a new op-ed that discusses what’s in store with 5G that was published by IT Business Net. The piece focuses on some of the fields that could benefit from the advent of 5G, including entrepreneurs and start-ups, virtual reality, and smart cities. But these areas are just the tip of the iceberg. – With 5G innovation we’ve not yet imagined what could become reality. Read more here.

5G in 5: Top Tech This Week – June 26

Here’s this week’s rundown of our favorite pieces of 5G news and stories about emerging and innovative technologies. To follow the series, check back here every week and look out for #5Gin5 posts from @Facesof5G.

Taking Digital Downtown – Urban communities that want to embrace twenty-first century technology have something in common: They want to harness the power of 5G. Just ask the winners of the 2019 Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge. Racine (WI) Mayor Cory Mason, for example, plans to embrace 5G to help pave the way for autonomous vehicles and intelligent transportation systems. Did your city make the list? Read more here and here.

AR and VR for the Masses – A recent report by Ericsson aims to dispel some myths on whether 5G is actually a game-changer for consumers and not just businesses. In a piece for Venture Beat, the CEO of Virtuleap gives his take. He says “don’t believe the myths” and cites early use cases. He also makes the point that AR and VR “always anticipated, and even demanded” this next-gen technology to reach their potential. Read more here.

Fueling the Internet of Things – It seems we’re on a trajectory that every “thing” will eventually become connected. From the consumer sector to the manufacturing sector, the “Internet of Things” is ever-growing, as is the need for the smooth and reliable flow of data. Enter 5G. Next-generation wireless technology “is likely to be [IoT’s] key enabler” according to a recent piece on IoT For All. Read more about the infrastructure behind 5G here.

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, Call on 5G – Did you know that government agencies like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have spectrum? They use it to help assess and analyze the weather – from storm patterns, to seismic activity to tsunami buoys. Recently, some concern was expressed that the spectrum the wireless industry is seeking to leverage for 5G networks would interfere with NOAA’s ability to track weather. But that’s not the case according to a NOAA technology analyst In fact, the analyst argues “5G will also enable a vast array of passive and active sensing and reporting that will only improve public agency analytics, research, and the important services they offer to the American people.” Read more here.

What to Watch – 5G could thrust us into the fourth industrial revolution. With anticipation building for game-changing speeds, real-time reactions, and more, we could see advances in telemedicine, AI, and autonomous driving just to name a few. What are the top 5G companies to watch? Read more here to see which companies are worth keeping an eye on.

5G in 5: Top Tech This Week – June 18

Welcome to 5G in 5! Every week we’ll post a rundown of our favorite pieces of 5G news along with stories about emerging and innovative technologies.

Sunny Forecast for 5G – The latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report is out, and as expected, excitement around 5G is revving up. The June 2019 report forecasts there will be 1.9 billion 5G subscriptions, an increase of 27 percent from the November 2018 estimation of 1.5 billion. “5G is definitely taking off and at a rapid pace. […] 5G will have positive impact on people’s lives and businesses, realizing gains beyond the IoT and the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Ericsson’s Fredrik Jejdling. Read more here.

Busting Big City Woes – A group of seven start-up companies are working to solve the problems that plague urban environments. The companies are all participating in the Urban-X 20-week accelerator program – gaining access to engineers, designers, software developers, policy experts, marketing and sales leaders. Solutions the start-ups are trying to tackle range from combating food waste to enhancing road safety and traffic guidance. Imagine how these and other “smart city” applications could take off in a 5G world? Read more here.

Better Data, Better Budget – Right now cities across the country borrow millions of dollars, tied up in long-term loans, to make upgrades to transit systems, but that could be changing. Citigroup Inc. has been working with cities and experts to study how cities can use new technology to lower financing costs. “With better data, smart cities will actually budget things completely differently, from bus usage and road maintenance to parking revenue and emergency-responder needs,” said Citigroup’s Jay Collins. Read more here.

5G Competition Hits the Gridiron – Verizon announced a new competition “to push the limits of what’s possible” with the 5G NFL Mobile Gaming Challenge. The challenge is part of a two-year partnership with the NFL to develop technology to enhance games and the fan experience. “By putting the power of our Ultra Wideband network in the hands of the many fans of the NFL, we believe we’ll see some gaming concepts we couldn’t even have imagined before 5G,” said Verizon’s Nicki Palmer. Semi-finalists will be announced on September 5th and the winning team will be announced at Super Bowl LIV in 2020. Read more here.

5G Connectivity Changing Communications – With 5G poised to usher in a significant shift in mobility, the work of communications professionals could see an evolutionary change. Capitalizing on this new technology could allow marketers to “delivers interactive, immersive and even life-changing experiences.” Some astounding new possibilities include augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) replacing video to immerse customers in experiences like never before. Read more here.